Become a Dealer

Our distribution network consists of official distributors and important companies, which hold exclusive rights on our products in a specific area.

They are carefully selected among all market leaders.

There are also the “retailers”, which manage the distribution of the products not exclusively.

We take also into account the opening of brand stores or “shop in shop” in parts of the world that are not yet covered.

What we offer

  • Use of Unidesign’s brands in all communications and advertising.
  • Exhibition project support
  • Marketing assistance and use of our format.
  • Promotion marketing support (product design, package design & production, video and brochure)
  • Concessional purchase for both Tiles and Stickers with the Unidesign’s brand mark.
  • Possibility, according to the geographical area, to include other Unidesign products.
  • After-sales service support


  • Stock order.
  • Financial strength.
  • High-level positions.
  • Vender of at least 60 for stores and shop in shop or Owner of solid distribution network.